About the project:

Pineros, the Spanish word given to treeplanters and Christmas tree workers, is a project that uses the Christmas tree tradition to honor and create curiosity about the people who care for and harvest Christmas trees. By way of a gift, a handblown glass ornament with a treeworker’s name, families in Portland, Oregon were invited to honor these workers by hanging the ornament on their tree, and effectively integrating this person into their family traditions.

If you are family or person who has received an ornament please share your experience in the comment section!


About me:

My name is Betty Marin and  I’m an artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. I am from Los Angeles, and a child of working class immigrant parents. After moving here, I became interested in both the landscape of the state, as well as the growing immigrant population that maintains much of the agricultural industry here. This project, and others is an opportunity for me to create more of a connection and conversation about and between the historical and newer communities in the state.


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  1. julie ault says:

    Betty, the project is great…reading and learning about the Pineros and the Christmas tree industry in OR, the interview you posted so far, the images that give us a glimpse into the work…the process of the project…thanks so much. Julie

  2. Tenamaxtle says:

    This is a great project. Thank you for being the voice to those that remain quiet. Y pensar que mientras los árboles dan alegría a las familias, ellos estan lejos de las de ellos por tal de ganarse la vida.

    Great Job Betty

  3. Ara says:

    What a great way to project the faces once hidden behind the Christmas trees and share the hard work that is put forth. This is a project that is worth sharing not only with the Latino community but for the Unites States as a whole. Great Job Betty

    • bmarin@pdx.edu says:

      Thanks Ara. I appreciate your thoughts. The ornaments were distributed to a primarily non-Latino audience. I agree. The intention is that all kinds of people see and value their work.

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